Tickets are for finalist businesses and their guests. Access codes are sent directly to finalists. If you have forgotten or mislaid the access code for an award show please contact us for a reminder Tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis Frequently asked questions regarding the awards evenings are now below too You can only attend the Grand Final if you have won in a regional competition first

VAT registration number 291 0547 08

How do you get to the Grand Final ?

You qualify for the Grand Final by winning a category in one of the regional award shows.

What discounts are available ?

Plan ahead, early bird discounts for the awards are always available. Both for the regional Award Shows and the annual Grand Final whose tickets are available months in advance.

What is on the menu for the awards night ?

All of our awards nights have a three course dinner with wine and entry into prize draws included in your ticket price. The menu will vary from hotel to hotel or from venue to venue so check with us and we will advise.

We have guests with special dietary requirements what options are available ? 

All hotels and venues have vegetarian options and can cater for special dietary requirements. Let us know and let the hotel or venue know in advance to help with their planning.

What size are the tables at the hotel or venue ?

Tables are available if you require them. It is not a condition of the competition that a business books a whole table. Many of the businesses involved are small businesses. The table sizes can differ. 10 is normally the basic size. Some hotels have a small number of tables that can accommodate 12 or up to 15 guests. These are allocated on a first come first served basis. Whatever the size of the table, businesses from different categories and towns are sat together to make up the table numbers. You can also request to be sat beside specific businesses provided you have both confirmed to us that you have agreed this beforehand.

I have purchased my tickets and received an eticket by email will I be asked to present this ?

Yes. From September 2018 our ticketing system will be issuing individual tickets to you in your email confirmation. The code from the ticket can be read by us from a printout of your email confirmation or from the email while displayed on your phone if necessary.

Who is responsible for the seating plan ?

We are responsible for the seating plan, not the hotel or venue. Your booking goes straight onto the seating plan and we are expecting you. You will find your seats on the seating plan when you arrive at the event. Having visited your business it is likely we also know you and one or two of your colleagues.

My bank or credit card has been declined but I know I have the funds available ?

The wrong postcode associated with your card is the most common mistake. However occasionally banks will view a once or twice a year purchase of tickets as requiring their review. If your card is declined two or three times it will likely be blocked by your bank and you will have to contact your bank to say you do actually want the tickets and the transaction is genuine. They will then lift the block on your card.

What if my guest numbers change ?

Get in touch with us first and we will see what can be done. But changes within the last 28 days before the awards become more difficult especially if your meals have been paid to the hotel or venue.

What is the cancellation policy ?

We work to the tickets being non-refundable. The hotels or venues are being contracted to provide the space and your meals. The hotels or venues have late cancellation charges within their contracts which means that within 28 days before an awards night none of your ticket money will be refunded. We can attempt to resell your tickets and you can too, but no guarantee can be given that your money will be returned if the tickets cannot be resold.